Frustrating select all experience

  • 9 August 2021
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Does anyeone else find it really frustrating that they sometimes select all (CTRL + A) to select text in a field or in a box and accidentally select everything because the item might not have been quite selected correctly.

The result is that the view zooms out to include all items in the entire board. This is really frustrating on boards which have thousands of items where I will now need to zoom back in and reorient myself to find the original location.

This happens to me 2-3 times per hour where I am copying items→ selecting the text of an item → select all (to select all text in the box) → delete → type new text


I would LOVE a setting to only select everything on the screen instead of the whole board.

1 reply

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@Daps -

There’s a very similar wish list idea to yours already logged here so feel free to review and upvote it: