Change the default behaviour of "Select all"

  • 21 October 2020
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I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but this scenario happens to me often and it’s driving me nuts!


I often double click an item, and press CTRL-A to select all the text inside that item. However, this sometimes selects the entire board and zooms me out, making it difficult for me to get back to where I was.


The reason this happens especially on large boards with lots of items. When I double click an item and then I press CTRL-A after that, Miro doesn’t keep up with the speed and therefore zooms out instead.


I personally never ever need to select all items on a board and would love to disable that altogether. Does anyone else have this issue?




5 replies

This drives me nuts as well! please provide a way to disable select all with the keyboard! This is a problem especially when I’m presenting or sharing my screen.

+1 this problem for me. I’ve had it constantly since being a beginner Miro user and still have it today as a frequent, intermediate level user.

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I think Select All function make bigest problem now!

But for more precise workWe must ask Miro to implement these ideas:

1. Positon lock (Locks position of object, but allow write in it or resize.)

2. Size lock (Locks size of object, it will especially efective use to control text size)

3. Content lock

4. Select All lock (Disable Select All function) 

Is somebody agree with me?


Normunds Barbans


The problem the user face is the loss of locus of attention. When a user work on a particular part of the board, and accidentally zoomed-out by the incorrectly-recognized select-all, they lost the location that we are currently working. This interruption causes the user to pause what they are doing, and search for their previous location. Sometimes, once the location is found, the user forgot what they intended to do in the first place. Since Miro is frequently used for brainstorming, prototyping, and other creative activities, such loss is detrimental.


One reason that could make this problem challenging to fix is how Miro presents a floating toolbar after selecting object(s). 


Therefore, I agree with Normunds that an easiest way to fix is to add a button that allow the users to enable/disable the behavior of Cmd + A (or Ctrl + A).


A more advanced fix is to create a recognizer of users’ activity. For example, such recognizer may register whether the user is working in a small area on a large board. If that situation happens, when the user press Cmd + A (or Ctrl + A), present a small notification at the bottom of the screen asking the user to confirm the intention to select everything on the board by repeating Cmd + A (or Ctrl +A) again. In that notification area, the UI can also provide an option for the user to disable the recognizer.