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  • 18 August 2020
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I’ve seen some boards recently with fonts in the thousands but I can’t get over 288 - any ideas?



Best answer by Jonathan White 18 August 2020, 20:03

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Hi @Simon.Harris,


If you use the font increase/decrease arrows in the object toolbar, the max it will go is 288. The two workarounds for this are to either type in the font you want manually (this won’t seem to go over 999 though), or if it is a text box, you can drag the corner of the shape and the font size will increase relative to the shape size.

That’s all I know for now about fonts, hope that helps!


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I’d love to see your use case, @Simon.Harris :grinning:

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 @Jonathan White - yeah that was as much as i’d discovered but a little more diggin shows this is a limit for shapes. IF i use the “T” tool I can drag to what ever size i want - so If a shape and a T are grouped results are possible. 

To do the same thing I’ve been creating jpg & png, pasting and resizing which is an unnecessary pain and yet another workaround of the daft’ restrictions that miro seems to add to various things - why program in all the restrictions like text in mindmap shapes can’t be aligned at the authors choice while other shapes permit it and can be filled, some things have 12 colours & others infinite palette, only notes understands markdown etc 

There are facilities in other tools i like better than miro.

One factors that pulls me in: iframes. One that isn’t unique but rare: friction-less access for guests - but there are issues as we know around various restrictions. One makes me wonder cos others maybe better but none is yet great - presentation mode. One (Im imagining) is a neutral - powerful capability = hard to onboard

I think I need to make as big an investment in time with some other boards to properly re-evaluate though


I’d love to see your use case, @Simon.Harris :grinning:

As author I want to set start view of a board at whole of board with “Zoom here (see notes)” is at a legible size so that niave guests get immediate useful message on entry. In notes "1) to zoom either….” at th eend of th ezoom in are more instructions

@Isman Tanuri  how did the LS event go - gutted to only find out as it ended


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Ah! Thanks for sharing that, @Simon.Harris. I understand your needs now :)

It went really well, I must say. I am sure we will have more sessions like such in the future.

Here’s the board if you’re keen to have look: