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I have a very large number of boards, and it would be very helpful to be able to sort these boards into folders for better organization.

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@Jacob T. Coleman - Miro’s solution to this problem is Projects, which are available on any paid or Education Plan:

Wish List Idea Posts

There are a number of Wish List idea posts requesting additional organization of boards that you may want to upvote, e.g., projects in projects:

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I agree with this need. Organizing only by “Projects” is extremely limiting and means changing what project it for everyone on the board. I have so many boards named by other contributors and there is no way to categorize them/save them in a folder/star them a specific color/tag them, etc. and its hard to find them once they fall off my “recents” list. Any of the suggestions I listed above would be a vast improvement for personal organization.

Please please please for the love of God give us folders for boards.
Especially in large organizations, people are hesitant to experiment and transition to Miro from eg ppt because it feels like noise because of lack of granulation. 

This is the only thing I truly miss from Mural. 

Or person-specific tags, which is even better. Then let me filter or search by tags.

Then, if I want folders or subfolders I can hack it using tags. But having no user-specific categorisation is a big problem.

Projects in itself are pretty good, but given that we use board for many topics within those projects… it would be more effective to have an added layer of grouping for my boards. It would make it a lot easier for different teams to work within the same project, without cluttering each other's board-collections.


I actually don't see why it should't be possible to add an infinite amount of folders. Only option now would be to make different Miro accounts for each project or department to de-clutter projects🤣