File Type and Size Restriction

  • 12 November 2020
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Hi all,

I am a personal and enterprise account user of Miro :smile: and for both use cases, Miro has revolutionised my workflow!

As per my Enterprise account, whilst we go through internal processes to get Miro onboarded there was a question in regards to File Uploads to a Miro board and whether restrictions can be placed on the file type or the size of the file uploaded (*)? This functionality is something that we see available to us with other collaboration tools.

Is anyone aware if this is possible?

Many thanks,


(*) Note: I am aware as per Miro’s Supported File Formats page on the supported file formats and that there is a max file upload of 30MB.

2 replies

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@George Sofroniou - Not having  administered an Enterprise Plan account myself, I could not say. While you wait for any info from the community, I would suggest that you submit your question to the Miro Support team via their support form which can be found in guide → Get help → Support:


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Hi @Robert Johnson I’d already done that but thought I’d reach out to the community too. Thanks for your reply 😄👍