Figma plugin > sync resets size

I tried the Figma plugin today synching Figma pages into a Miro board as SVG. When I triggered a sync within Figma the linked objects in Miro retained their position but resized to it’s originally imported size. In my experience it made the entire feature completely unusable.

  1. Are others experiencing this?
  2. Is it an expected behaviour? 

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I am experiencing it and, no it isn’t expected. It didn’t used to happen and now it has really put me in a bind on a project. I wish they would fix this.

UPDATE: Even when I made the Figma art the exact same size as what I need it to display at in Miro, Miro resizes the art to a smaller size when I sync. That makes no sense to me. It’ slike there is a min width or maybe a min height for synching images that Miro enforces? I can’t understand why this would be? Maybe file size? It did not work this way even 6 months ago. Not sure what has happened? It will be very helpful to me if it gets fixed though.