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  • 26 April 2020
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Hey team - Is there a way to expand textboxes like how cards currently do? I’m creating a pretty in-depth timeline for a project and the way cards appear aren’t very helpful since it takes up so much space, the text is extremely small unless you zoom out too far and the title can’t be boldened/formatted. Textboxes are far much more useful for this particular use-case so adding a function to be able to expand it like cards to reveal the same type of area to write notes would be awesome. Pls advise. Thanks! 


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@Amir Khader -

If you are referring to the pop-up details for a card that appears when you click on the <> icon in the top right of the card, then that is behavior which doesn’t apply to normal shapes. With text-boxes, the only three options I’m aware of are:

  1. Click and drag one of the corners to change the size of the text-box and resize the text proportionally.
  2. Click and drag on any edge (other than the corners) to resize the text-box which will cause the text to wrap without changing the typeface size.
  3. Manually change the typeface size from the text-box toolbar.

If the behavior you are looking for is not covered by the above, you should enter it as a wish list topic so that it can be voted upon by community members.