Excel Support outside of Zapier

  • 1 March 2021
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I just looked at the options for importing Cards via Excel and the built in app seems awesome. My only constraint is that I work with Government and I want to avoid having the data go through another app (Zapier).

Any ideas on other ways to import CSV into “Cards” outside of this? 


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3 replies

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@Zachary Lawrence - You could copy-and-paste spreadsheet cells into a Miro board to create sicky notes, then convert those sticky notes to Cards:


That’s my backup plan but it creates a lot of extra time. Basically I have a large risk log in SharePoint Lists and I want to “push it into Miro” to work with my team, and then after the meeting, manually update any changes. 

Basically looking for a CSV import functionality. :)

Side note: How are you making those GIFs? Is that from the newer version of SnagIt? It’s slick. 


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@Zachary Lawrence - Yep, Snagit. Just capture some video, then click the GIF button in the Snagit Editor window, and then Ctrl+Shift+S to prompt to save it for upload to the post.