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  • 19 June 2020
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Hi, I am doing some online teaching and I would like the students to be able to edit the board as we go through the lesson.  However,  I want them to all be looking at the same screen as I have, but as is it is a big board I find some of them are going off and drawing on other parts of the board.  Is there a way to present the board as, for example, pages, so we are all on the same page!?


Thank you


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Hi @Sarah,

What you could do is use Bring everyone to me. That way, your students (collaborators) will automatically follow you.

You can find more details on this help article.

You could also use Presentation mode, but that would put the board as view-only, so your students wouldn’t be able to edit anything. But that would be a way to keep your students focused on where you want them to be.

I hope that helps!

Michael Sohn

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@Michael Sohn is right, the BRING EVERYONE TO ME feature is the best way to go.

One other way is using the Screen Sharing feature.  Check out this 45 second video to see it.​​​​​​



Hi Micheal and Jonathon,

Thanks for the info.  Bring everyone to me sounds like a good idea, but I am only on the freebie version at the moment.  I will see how I get on.



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Hi @Sarah,

Yes, unfortunately, the bring everyone to me function is not available on the free plan.

You mentioned you teach students. Are you eligible for an account on the Education Plan?

Michael Sohn