Educator Plan Miro Assist Error Message

  • 20 March 2024
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Hi, not sure if anyone else has run into this but I keep getting this error on my Educator Plan when I try and use Miro Assist. Happens on different boards with different content … same error ? Below is an example of the errors and and example of the selection of cards that I was asking it to summarise etc ? Also I notice that the group by tag feature doesnt show for cards ? Anyone else found that ? I have Miro Assist at work on the business plan and havent notice any of these issues on that ? If anyone has any advice that would be great !


2 replies

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@Deborah Baff - I would suggest:

  1. Sharing this as feedback to the Miro Assist product team – since the feedback box doesn’t allow for screenshots, and since you have captured the issue in the post, I would copy and paste a link to this post when leaving your feedback.
  2. Since you are also on a paid Miro subscription, you could report this to the support team (in case there is a larger issue going on) by following these instructions: 


Thanks so much @Robert Johnson  much appreciated

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