Edit swimlanes of document imported from Lucidchart?

  • 28 September 2022
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My organization will be importing a great many lucidchart documents over the next few weeks/months. I’ve learned you can export a document out of lucidchart as visio and then import that into Miro.

I’ve found some hiccups here and there that occasionally affects the import (cannot change shapes in some cases, cannot select shapes in some cases, etc). I’ve found workarounds for all of them but the swimlanes.

For imported documents, you cannot edit swimlane height, cannot reorder swimlanes, and cannot add or delete swimlanes. But you can do all that for natively created miro documents. Is that accurate? Am I missing something here?

1 reply

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Hey @David Hinman 
Thanks for your question!
Indeed, it’s not possible to edit the swimlanes on the imported documents - we’re truly sorry about that. The Team added this improvement to their backlog - we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as we have any news (no ETA). Please bear with us!