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  • 3 August 2020
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As a company admin I have created multiple custom company templates. But it seems that I am not able to edit these templates. Does anyone know if there is a specific setting to enable editing custom company templates? 


Thanks in advance.




Best answer by Erwin Duisdeiker 3 August 2020, 14:12

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@Erwin Duisdeiker -

Do you mean that you don’t see the edit template option when you click on the “...” menu for a specific shared custom template you’ve created in the Template Picker?

If so, that shouldn’t be the case, and I’d contact Miro support via: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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Hi Kiron,

Yes I do not see the edit option when pressing “…”. However I created the templates differently. I created a framework in a new board, selected the framework and clicked “…” and selected “save as template” You can than give the template a name and select personal or company as an admin. 

Those templates are available for everyone in the company but I am unable to edit them. I will check with Miro thanks for your response,

best regards,


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Hi Kiron,

Found it. You need to select custom templates and select shared. In that situation I do get the option to edit. Apparently there is a restriction if I use the search board option. In that case it is not possible to select edit. 

Thanks again!

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Hi @Erwin Duisdeiker and @Kiron Bondale

We’ve recently made a few updates to the templates experience in Miro. You can now edit your custom templates from wherever you find them. Search results, recent templates, shared templates, etc.

We’d love to know what you think so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback. 

Many thanks, Kristin


Using the search bar to find and edit my custom template