Duplicate boards and Talktracks

If I make a copy of a board that contains a talktrack, and later I want to delete the talktrack on the duplicate board, will that delete the talktrack entirely (i.e., from all boards) or just from the board that I am using/deleting it from?

When I select to delete the talktrack from the duplicate board, I get this window message: 

I don’t know if library means for all other boards the talktrack is on? 

Alternative question: how do I delete talktracks from only one board (i.e., not from all boards where the talktrack is located)?

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Best answer by Robert Johnson 8 May 2024, 05:54

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@Justine at PPI - Great question! The word “Library” threw me off too as this is the first time II have seen it used, as I have not paid much attention to the text in the Delete confirmation when deleting a Talktrack.

I think what is missing here is that the word Library is not used anywhere else, for example:


And, it is only mentioned once in the Talktrack help center article:


So, I guess it’s assumed that “recordings” go in a “library”?

Semantics aside, I tested your question by duplicating a board with a Talktrack and when I deleted the Talktrack in the duplicated board, while I received the same message as you, the Talktrack was not deleted in the original board. This makes sense as there are quite a few boards in the Miroverse which contain Talktracks and it is my experience that copying a board from the Miroverse is using the same core logic as the Make a copy/duplicate action used in the dashboard/board UI.

Thank you @Robert Johnson !