Downloading Miro Board with active hyperlinks

Greetings, I am developing a process flow and have hyperlinked some text to external resources. However, when i download the board as an image or a pdf file, the link DO NOT seem to work. Is there a fix for this? I would want a pdf of the flow with active hyperlinks please. 




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@dhruvmohan - I have tried exporting a frame with a Text object hyperlink by using both the “board export” and “frame export → Image → Vector (PDF) method, from both the Miro desktop app and Chrome browser on Windows 10, and my link is working in all four tests (see attached).

Oh, and I am viewing the exported PDFs in Adobe Reader.

What OS and Miro client are you using? Any screenshots may would help too.


Hi Robert, 

Thank you for your response! I am using macOS and Chrome browser. Please see attached a copy of the frame - I exported is from the top - save as pdf option

And the downloaded pdf is also attached for your reference. I opened the pdf in adobe acrobat reader and it wont let me access the hyperlinks on the text :(   

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@dhruvmohan - Hyperlinks will only work when exporting as high-quality/vector PDF:

See the attached examples.

oh man i see. now that makes sense. any insight on how i can get the best quality access for a nominal price if any? I just need one process flow chart and a monthly subscription will be too expensive for my use. 

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@dhruvmohan - They cheapest option is the Consultant Plan for one person, for one month = $15.

Or, if you know anyone with a paid plan, add them in the board’s Share settings by entering their Miro account profile email address as “can view” in the very top of the board. When they open the board, they can Duplicate it to their Miro account and then export it as I have outlined in my pervious screenshot.

You can also set the board’s Share settings to Anyone with the link → Can view and send them the link.

When they open the board, then can click on the board’s title/name and then use the Duplicate button.

Hi guys, when I have a link to another frame, and export my board to pdf the link does not point to the page in the pdf but to the miro board. Any clue on how to fix this? 

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@Luis Fernandes - This is expected behaviour and you will not be able to change it as the PDF export does not support bookmark/anchor links.