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  • 3 December 2020
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I own a board and am teaching. up until just now, I can post or upload a document, slides, etc. and people can download. Now...I still see the download icon but my participants can not, so they can’t download anything. HELP!!!!!!


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@virginia hamilton - I think your Miro team has the new Board content copy feature enabled. I wrote a lengthy post about this a while ago:

To fix this:

From the share popup, click on Sharing settings:


Then Permissions:


And make sure that Who can copy board content is set to Anyone with the board access:


 Example - before:


And then after:


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THANK YOU!!! what i don’t understand is that until today, people could copy and download. I never went into my profile to look at settings, but your prior post showed me how.  Once I changed the settings in my profile, the option that shows up above appeared, but hadn’t before. Mystery why it changed all of a sudden, but it works now. thank you so much!



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@virginia hamilton - You're welcome! I suspect that the feature was just enabled on your account, however, it still hasn't been announced yet.

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@virginia hamilton - Your question and this new feature got me thinking of a new consideration for Miro board facilitators/teachers such as yourself and therefore I wanted to point this out to you.

In your scenario, you have participants on a Miro board and want them to be able to download a file that right off of the board. However, with this new “content copy permissions” feature, what your participants could now do is make a copy of your entire board to their Miro account.

They could do this by

  1. Opening your board
  2. clicking on the board title 
  3. clicking on the Duplicate  button:
  4. and then giving the board a name and selecting which team they want to copy/duplicate the board to:


You may not care about this, but for example, if you were a consultant delivering training to a paid client and using a board that contains your custom training, surely you would not want your clients taking a copy of it. Therefore, you would need to share files with them another way, e.g., Google Drive or OneDrive.

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Wow. I agree….I am a consultant and I do have paying students. My problem is that I work with government agencies, and most of them can’t use Google or DropBox because of firewalls, so Miro was especially helpful because I could put all my materials in one place. Ideally, there should be an option for only downloading documents etc, and not duplicating the board.


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Thanks for highlighting this @virginia hamilton and @Robert Johnson 

As mentioned in this post, I’ve been recently working with some clients who are interested in using Miro as a hub/archive… educational institutions using it as a learning management system, holding resources for their students, as well as government agencies using Miro as an archive of materials from past events.

Initially I was excited about the ability to give people duplication rights if I desired, but “duplicating a board” and “downloading embedded content” are totally different things, and this is really problematic!

Thank you Robert, it works again. Big help.

It was a “sharing setting”, “permission” issue.

Like always in life - if you know it, then it is simple :wink:

Best regards,


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The board content copy permissions feature have now been rolled out to all paid-type plans. If you look in the Help Centre article in the Frequently Asked Questions, there are steps on a workaround to allowing users to downlaod documents from your board, but not the entire board itself.