Download button does not appear in my Miro browser version

  • 24 July 2020
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Hi all,recently I made a Design Service course with Miro as a tool,and in my browser version,I cant see neither  find the download button.Anybody has a clue?


5 replies

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Hi @marcos cabrera are you the owner of the board or a team member? You can only download if you're either one one those profile.

However, you said "browser version", I'm assuming you're using the desktop app. My next question is, do you have multiple Miro account?

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Hi @marcos cabrera

It seems that you are not logged in in the browser, and you are a guest editor on this board. Can you please log in and check if you see the Export button after that?

Thanks to all responses.I’m already loged in.See the screenshot...The only problem It could have It’s because is a free version and I have one with a course I made in Service Design and with the same account-same mail-one trial.What can I do?Its the one in the course i cannot download,and all my coursemates can..


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Thanks for this clarification!

Then the best way would be to reach out to the Support team so that they can check all your accounts linked to your email and let you know what the issue might be.

Hi. I’m having the same issues. I had no problems last year. This week I logged in and the download button is no longer there. I’ve logged out and logged back in multiple times, but nothing!


I need to get critical work done...has anyone found a solution?