Double Input Bug

  • 15 November 2020
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Hey guys!

Great to be here 😊 But I got a problem with my App: When I want to write "hello" something like: hhehelhellhello comes out 😂 Guess there is either a bug or a bad setting on my new phone. thanks for any help!



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Hi, @Paul Benz and welcome to the community!

When you mention app + phone I will assume you are referring to a Miro mobile app.

  • Which platform are you using - Android of iOS? And which keyboard? It may be worth trying another keyboard to see if this still happens for you.
  • And where are you typing when this happens? In a Miro board object? (sticky note, shape, etc.)

If Android, I will point out that when using the Google keyboard (Gboard) on my Android device, I experience a similar issue from time to time when typing in textarea boxes on this forum, but nowhere else--strange.

I just did a quick test using the Miro Android app using the Gboard keyboard and all is well for me:


Hi Robert! 

In fact it is working now using a gboard Keyboard 🤗 Got a HTC one m9 with its standard HTC Sense Input. But as I got some other problems with that keyboard I think I will keep the gboard 😃 Problem solved 🙂 Thanks for the hint!

Best regards, Paul

By the way how do I mark your answer as the solution 🤣 ?