Does anyone know how to contact tech support?

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Hi all 
Small mystery which I have encountered: 

There is absolutely no way to communicate with Miro team about technical or billing issues. 

The ‘Contact Us’ form is bugged, flawed and probably will not get attention from Miro (yes, I mean this:  

Does anyone has any way to have support ? or Miro simply don’t have one? I am fairly disappointed with the product so far :( 




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@Eyal Ganor -

Sorry to hear you are experiencing challenges with contacting Miro support. Here is the recommended path to doing so: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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@Kiron Bondale  Thanks a bunch!  I still have no idea where this page is hidden, but I opened a request :) 

Many thanks have a good day and stay safe :) 

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Hi @Eyal Ganor so sorry you’ve had some trouble finding out how to reach support. You’ve come to the right place. You can use the link that @Kiron Bondale provided or on the front page of the community you’ll see an option to reach out to support at the very bottom of the page. 


I’ve shared your feedback and concern with our Support Team and we’re looking out for your ticket.

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Thanks @Brittni  ! 




Kiron, Did Miro say they would rectify the contact us service?  I find it deplorable and thiird world dealing with Miro to firstly have this issue and then to not get a response yet, I call on  @Eyal Ganor and @Kiron Bondale to escalate this call for help and then for Miro to not omluy band aid the issue but to publish the root cause rectification in the community. #glass-ceiling 

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@Anthony Clyne  I think the form is there, and quite clear (see the answer above in this thread) , but I do know that’s a common practice to hide it, so people will get the answer (maybe) via articles.


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In all fairness to those with a Free Plan who are attempting to contact support, Miro appears to have made a change were they removed the Support option from Get help.

When click on the question mark icon (top-right corner) from my Free Plan dashboard and select Get help, I see:


But from my Consultant plan, I see:


Super frustrated myself. I have submitted tickets, and called and left several voicemails all followed with no response. It’s been over a week and I’m really at a loss. 

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Hi @Brittny Rene,

I’m so sorry to hear this :pensive:

I’m afraid I haven’t found any tickets from you in the support team’s queue. Please reach out to them via the form -

As discussed in private message, it’s under a different email. 

Same experience here. I submitted a support ticket 4 days ago, no response. account is locked due to an invoicing problem that was resolved a week ago. I have 12 paid users who cannot work in Miro. If you try to contact Miro sales they respond immediately, support... not so much.