Disappearing Sticky Note Colors

  • 19 October 2023
  • 4 replies

The text of the notes is still there, buy the background color had disappeared. I just reset the colors, and they have again disappeared. NEED HELP

4 replies

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@Joan Seamster - Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

@Robert Johnson I have just had the same issue, no idea how it happened, would you or anyone be able to help?. Closing and reopening does nothing. Interestingly when I zoom out the colours are there, but not when I zoom in


Also, black sticky notes work, but not any other colour.

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@James Cooper - Can you tells us more about your set up? For example,

  • Your OS (Windows, Mac)
  • How are you accessing Miro? Browser? If so,
    • which one?
    • have you cleared your cache? Cookies?
    • Have you signed out/back in?
    • Tried an incognito/private browser windows?
    • Disabled all browser extension?
  • Are you using the Miro desktop app? If so, have you tried resetting the application data?
  • If you have other team members in the same space, does this happen to everyone?
  • This happen on all boards?

 If you have a paid Miro subscription, you can open a Miro support ticket by following these instructions:


I have the same problem.


Interesting thing is, when I dublicate the board and make a copy, the colors of the sticky notes are back again. Reloading or logging out and in again don’t change a thing.

It has nothing todo with any hardware or browswer/cache/cookies and so on. Same laptop, same browser, just a copy of the board in another tab → its a miro bug. 

Super interesting. They appear when I’m not zooming in too much (18% zoom level) when I zoom in further (19% or more) then the colors disappear. and only the yellow ones, sometimes grey ones…