Deleting profile created with AppleID


I followed all of the instructions I can find about deleting an account (I simply want to try again from scratch). I registered with AppleID where it creates a unique email address for this account that is ‘supposed’ to be routed by Apple to my ‘real’ email.

Every time I delete the account, it tells me will receive a confirmation email. I never get that email. I double checked the settings in my AppleID account and it clearly shows that the anonymous Miro email is registered and should be routed to me.

Any ideas?


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Yes, I did receive the message via the

But, I don’t appear to be receiving the message to confirm deleting the account.


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@David Gionet - I have created a Miro support ticket from this post. Please let me know if you don’t receive an email letting you know that a ticket has been created as it will be sent to the email address associated with this forum profile, which is carried over from your Miro account (I am seeing *