Creator plan & decreasing the barrier for posting in Miroverse

  • 29 November 2022
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Hey everyone. I noticed that if I want to post my board in Miroverse, I need to use one of my boards. Since I’m on a free plan now, I have only 3 boards left. Isn’t this a barrier for Miroverse to grow even larger? For example, Notion creators don’t need any paid plan to start a full business as solopreneurs. 

I’m wondering if there’s any “creator” plan or if all creators need to be subscribed. Thanks for your responses! 

4 replies

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@Daniel Do - Just a quick note to let you know that one of the moderators of this forum has sent a note to a Mironeer to look into your question.

I suspect what happens is that you submit your template from your plan and if approved Miro copies your board into their account and links to that copied board in the Miroverse.

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Hi Daniel! 

As @Robert Johnson mentioned above, after your submission your board will be replicated and that new copy will leave on Miroverse. In this case you don’t need to keep the original board. We don’t introduce a special pricing for Creators as we want to make sure that everyone, on any plan, can submit their templates to Miroverse 😍

Thank you so much for your contribution to Miroverse 🙌

Hey @Mariam Danielian & @Robert Johnson. Thanks, I didn’t know that! I’ll submit my template in the near future then. 🙌

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Awesome to hear that @Daniel Do ! We’re looking forward to it 🙌