Creating a Simple Intranet on Miro

  • 15 April 2024
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I'm seeking assistance in developing a straightforward team intranet using Miro. To provide context, I'm part of an operations team comprising 15 individuals. Our role involves supporting the organization across various subfunctions such as finance, legal, HR, and compliance. Typically, we distribute a weekly newsletter to keep the team informed about updates, policies, documents, and where to find relevant information. However, we often receive emails and messages from team members seeking the same information or approaching the wrong person for queries. This can be frustrating for the team, especially since many members of the wider organization overlook the newsletter and policies we share.

My aim is to establish a simple board that outlines team responsibilities, the specific areas each member handles, FAQs encountered by the operations team, and links to various resources. I need someone who can help me develp this on Miro. Thank you!

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