Corrupt lost image

  • 26 February 2023
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3rd time posting.. nothing like showing a potential client some images on miro, only for them not to load.

When will Miro fix this, when will this application be reliable for professional use?

It’s embarrassing, I don’t think I can handle the stress of trying to rely on this program during critical moments, might have to find alternative if anyone can suggest something.

3 replies

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@Reid - I see that in your previous two posts, Community members attempted to help by asking some questions, but you never replied. 

If you have a paid subscription, have you reported this to the support team?

How to contact Miro support from your dashboard/from within a board →


@Robert Johnson- Not sure I can answer the one question about how I add imagery, as I use the application across multiple devices and upload in a number of different ways.

Honestly, I would LOVE to pay for this program. But how can I pay when it is so unreliable? I doubt I will be given a refund every time it fails to performs the task which it is designed to do.

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@Reid - I believe this may have only happened to me once in my 5+ years of using Miro – I say once as I cannot remember for sure if it did or not.

Since you are on a Free Plan, I will open a support ticket from your post – you should receive an email confirmation shortly. Please reply to that email and include:

  1. a link to the board from your screenshot above
  2. as many details that you can think of relating to your set up, including:
    1. All of the devices that you use Miro with (OS, device type (laptop/tablet/etc.), version of the OS
  3. what client you use to access Miro, e.g., browser (which one and version), desktop app, mobile app, tablet app
  4. If you use a VPN