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  • 23 July 2020
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I work for a design/build firm, and we use Miro boards to keep track of material suggestions, iterations of construction plans, and different prices for the various iterations. We like to use Miro to share our design ideas, but we don’t want them to see some of the behind the scenes stuff like costs and criticisms. Is there a way to hide what aspects of the board some users can see?


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5 replies

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Hi @Hance Gareis,


You have a few options as I see it, and they mostly depend on if you let your collaborators make edits to the board, or if they are just viewing the design ideas and not commenting or marking the board up.

  1. You could use a shape to hide areas of the board you don’t want others to see, lock the shape in place, and then give these users read-only access so they see what you want them to see, but can’t see what is hidden. With read-only access, they won’t be able to unlock or delete any masking shapes that you put in.
  2. You could duplicate your board, remove what you don’t want others to see, then share that board. This is very easy to do, but it could cause issues in version control if the users make changes to your board, or add comments/requests. However, the users will be able to add their feedback directly on the board.
  3. You could frame the elements of the board you want to share, export them as jpg or pdf, and share that with the other users. They won’t be able to edit, but can definitely view what has been done to date. 

I think those are the best options for you, but the community might have a few others to add! Hope this helps.



@Jonathan White Thank you for your suggestions, I will try some or all of them in the future.

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this would be a GREAT feature. Trying to block parts of the board is difficult to keep doing if you are not sure when others will log in. Duplicating is messy when you have updates and will end up our of sync at some point…


Being able to decide who can see an individual frame or set of frames would be a very useful feature

My request is similar to this. We have a public board that we update from time to time. While updating (lets say it takes a few days or weeks) I want to freeze the public version since we may leave it in un-polished state or with notes that are temporary. Once we finish a round of updates we then want the public to get those updates, we would un-pause and the board would be live again.

I can do this with an extra copy of the board and select all delete then paste in new content but not very slick approach.

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@David Goldwassser -

Without having a second board, the only option I can think of is:


  1. Create a content staging frame far away from the rest of the board content and keep all the “in progress” stuff there. Whenever you want to stop working on the “in progress” stuff, hide the frame either using the built-in Miro capability or by covering it with a large opaque rectangle.
  2. When you are ready to make changes, change the sharing of the board to be view only, copy in the content and then change it back to edit access.