Contact Support link is broken.

  • 23 October 2023
  • 2 replies

When clicking “Contact Support” in the help center, my browser starts to load a contact form, but then I get redirected to ““ and cant actually fill out a form. Honestly this is the worst support experience I’ve seen in a while from what otherwise seems to be a fairly functional service. Does anyone have a direct email address? Or is there a chat function somewhere?

2 replies

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@Stuart Webb - I am not aware of a direct email address and have never seen a chat feature for support.

Is the link still broken? It is working for me from both a paid and free plan account.

What about these instructions:

Thanks for your reply Robert. I got it to work on Chrome (I was using Firefox). It appears there is a second redirect that isn’t going through in Firefox (on 3 different machines). Perhaps it’s my privacy settings. Regardless, I’m good now. Thank you.