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I upgraded to Team and now when I try to add projects i’m asked to upgrade.

The Support ‘ share your feedback and ask questions’ bubble is not in my drop down menu where the online tutorial says it should be.

Please help  

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@Kyle Callanan - You can find the support form link on this page by searching for "contact form":

I have submitted a form to ask why my upgrade hasn’t been activated.


I will be asking for a refund on my 1 year subscription as the free version is easier to use.

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@Kyle Callanan - Out of curiosity, what do you find more difficult or different with the Team/paid plan compared to the Free Plan?

I lost my board by changing team with no prompting window to explain i would loose the board permanently.


I paid for 5 team members and only have 3 on a current team, When i go to add a new team Miro wants me to upgrade.


The benefits of paying for different teams to have access to different boards was what i was expecting from a paid version of Miro.


It is easy enough for me to work around this without paying such a high monthly fee.

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Did you by chance create a new team in the process vs upgrading your existing Free Plan team, or maybe you upgraded another team? For example, how many teams isntour Miro account profile a member of? You can determine this by the number of team/spaces Icons on the left-hand side of your Miro dashboard:


Maybe you can shed some light on what i have done?


After paying for the upgrade i’ve found Miro not user friendly and cryptic 




This is what comes up when i go to add a new team. There are currently 3 team members including myself in my K team, Im not exceeding the 5 members that i’ve paid $480 for a yearly subscription for.

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It looks like you are using the Miro desktop app and on a Mac? Have you tried resetting the app data in the app? You can find instructions on how to do this here (it's like clearing the cache in a browser):

Once that it is done, try signing back in and see if the Upgrade button is gone.

Also, have you tried signing in via Safari or Chrome?

I have tried using Safari and Chrome.


I read somewhere in my hours of looking for tech support that the desk top version was faster.

So i downloaded the desktop version specifically.


I’ve restarted my computer twice now.


I couldn’t see instructions to reset the app data in the link you send, but found instructions from the search box.

In the help bar at the top left I clicked the reset application option. 

All that seemed to happen is asking me for my log in information again. It still says free plan in my settings.

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@Kyle Callanan - A few more questions while we wait for the support team’s response:

  1. Did you receive a confirmation email of your payment? The subject is likely “Your receipt from RealtimeBoard Inc. dba Miro” and should have came from an address.
  2. Did the email to the same address that you are currently signed into Miro with?
  3. Did you confirm with your credit card provider that a payment was made? On my statement, the payment shows being made to “MIRO.COM”.

I received an email from RealtimeBoard Inc. dba Miro with a receipt.


I spoke with the bank and they said the Miro is still waiting to process/clear these funds.

There is a transaction on my bank statement for this but the money hasn’t left my account. Although it also says the available funds amount is less the amount that should be charged. 


Did the email to the same address that you are currently signed into Miro with? - Yes


Thank you for your help this far, I’m still shocked that a service this expensive has such minimal customer support.