Connect text between boxes and automatically fill them simultaneously ?

  • 9 March 2021
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Dear Miro Community,

As part of an online workshop I need to organize at work, I was wondering whether there was anyway we could connect two text boxes (in two different frames), so that when we fill in one of them, the same text is entered in the other connected box automatically ?

I searched through the questions already asked on your forum, but did not find any previous topic addressing my issue.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.



4 replies

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Hi @Mathieu Chaffard .

I can recommend to contact @Max Harper 

He is the specialist when it comes to programming additional things.

I have in mind that I have seen something that you’re talking about - maybe he can help you on this.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick answer!

Alright, I will get in contact with Max then :)



@Max Harper I have a similar need as Mathieu, above. Was there a solution to his question? Thx

Hi, there. I CANNOT FIND ANY TOPIC ABOUT AUTOMATION PANEL OF MIRO. I am trying to achieve that only the specify note can get into the designated zone. The Miro Assist said that we can create a specific area or container with using automation panel that triggering a rule for limiting other notes getting into the designated zone. However, I can’t get any information within the plan features. Any one who has tried to use such as this automatic function?