Confused with shared settings in free plan

  • 7 February 2021
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Someone shared a board with me.

I am on the free plan. He is as well.

I can see all his other boards which I don’t want to.

I can’t delete or remove them and therefore can’t create more board on my account.


What can I do or can he do ?

Or perhaps I missed something..?



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@Marc D -

As a user on his free account, there will be a three board limit for the team he (and now you) are part of. The only way around that is to deactivate or delete one of the existing boards.


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@Marc D - Further to @Kiron Bondale’s question, I would ask: Did you already had your own Miro account before your friend share his board with you?

When you are signed it to your Miro account, how many teams do you have in the left-hand vertical toolbar? E.g.:


If you have two, likely one is yours and the other is the one that your joined when your friend invited you - just select your team and create boards in there.

If you only have one (your friends), you do have the option of:

  1. Leaving that team
  2. Miro will then see that you are no longer a member of any team and prompt you to create your own Free Plan team:
  3. Once you have created your own Free Plan team, you would ask your friend to invite you back to his team and now you will see two teams in your Miro dashboard and can move between the two, creating your own personal boards in your team that only you can see.

Thanks for your help 🙌