Concept Scoring

  • 10 April 2020
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Hi I am looking for a way to run a concept evaluation in Miro.

Right do this via a google form
Here is an example:

Or we simply provide everything in a big google sheet:

What I’d love to show is something like the image below in Miro 
The concept would be on top
The score from participants below (and calculated in MIro)
And reasons why it would fail and ideas to improve on the right

Could this be done in a smart easy way
Embedding google sheets looks very complicated


1 reply

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Bryan -

While you could add a table widget in Miro, I don’t believe you can do any calculations and the table widget can only be edited by one person at a time.

It might be worth rethinking how to visualize this - rather than set it up as a scoring model, why not using the voting plug-in, or use dot voting as an alternative, combined with the comments capability which reviewers could attach to specific elements of the concept (e.g. problem statement) which they wish to comment on.

The Why Would It Fail or Ways to Improve boxes could be done as brainstorming frames with a bunch of stickies.