Completely different contents from another board appearing in saved board

  • 31 January 2023
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I created a board with a name. 

Now when I open it, the content of a different board is appearing.  It has replaced all the content Io created for the original board. 

How can I get the content from the original back. 


3 replies

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@Cipriano Mauricio -

I’m not sure how that could have happened as each board URL is unique so unless there was some sort of data glitch on Miro’s side, the only way to do that would have been to select all content from the original board, delete it, and then copy & paste all content from the different board.

In any event, assuming you are on a paid plan, you can check to see if there is an older original version of the board which could be restored following the Help Center article guidance here:


Thanks Kiron. Yes, I have a paid plan and I’ll walk through you recovery article .👍🏽

That worked @Kiron Bondale.

From that, I copied all and pasted into a new board.  I think there were issue with that board id and there was a glitch7mix up in the contents and board name/id. 

Hopefully this clears the issue.