Comment does not stick to the board

  • 1 June 2023
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While entering comment it did not come up with its standard look.  Just allowed to create some text, no formatting etc.  After pressing Enter comment totally disappeared.  I tried a few more times in different areas. They did not stick. None of them. Gone. Refreshed. Not there. Never happened before. Does anyone have an idea what has happened?  (there are a couple of old ones on the board that stuck with no problems). Does Comment C mean anything actually? thx

1 reply

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@Sylvia Z Sandvik - Comments are working fine for me in Chrome, Windows 11, 64-bit. Here I am creating a Comment with the app icon (the C hotkey is also working):

If you are using a browser, try

  • disabling all browser extensions
  • an incognito window
  • clearing your cache.

You could also try the Miro desktop app - if you are already using the desktop app, try resetting the app data.

If you are still having issues creating a Comment, please share a video of what you are doing - Loom is free and quite easy to use and share a video.