Collaborative Workshop?

  • 19 August 2020
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If I’m leading a workshop for 15-20 folks who are in different locations (either on Teams or Zoom) can I have them pop onto a brainstorming white board with Miro and make changes and edit during a work session?  How many licenses does that take if I’m leading the workshop?  I’m a bit confused as they would be different participants with each client I work with.  Does this make sense?


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@Keith Sbiral -

You can do this on a free plan as you are allowed up to 3 active boards but unlimited collaborators. A paid plan will give you more features and more boards, but you would have to pay for collaborators to edit your boards unless you chose to use the anonymous guest editor access.

We are on a consultant plan with monthly billing and as we teach multiple 1-3 day courses per month, we move the licenses we have purchased for that month from one class’s participants to another.