Changes not saved (over two days) in OSX desktop app

  • 14 July 2020
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I’ve created a new board yesterday and worked on it for many hours. Continued work on it today. Once I was done I gave it a name and closed the tab in the app. Tried to find my board again and couldn’t find it by the name I had given it. Found an Untitled board created by me yesterday but EVERYTHING ON THE BOARD WAS GONE. It only contains a single circle, which was the first thing I drew. There was no indication of any issues over two days.Was using the desktop app on OSX.

Raised a support ticket, but “waiting multiple days”.

Right now I’m very upset and I’ve lost all trust in Miro.


Has anyone else lost changes? Is that a “feature” of the desktop app?


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Hi @Pirmin Schuermann I'm sorry to hear about your predicament. I have personally used the Mac desktop app for many hours without an issue as such. Sounds like there was a sync issue. Have you checked Miro in your browser to see if there's a version of the board you saved?

Another thing you can do is to refresh views in the app:


I checked the browser version, sadly there’s only the empty board.

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Anything in Trash?


no, I checked that. The dashboard itself was still there. Just not with the name I set, but as Untitled with a single object on it and no changes after the 1st minute when I started working on it

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Hey there,

This issue was resolved by the Support team, and I want to add the solution here for visibility:

Your work wasn’t on the Dashboard since it's not a board, but a custom template.
You can now find this template following the steps:

  • Open a board, click on the three-dot button on the Toolbar and choose Templates.


  • Find Custom templates on the bottom of the left column and click "Personal" or "Shared" depending on the sharing status of the template you've set: mceclip0.png

We discussed a similar issue here -