Cant send to back / interactive template

  • 8 December 2023
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Getting an error when I try to ‘page down’ to send to back. Never seen this issue before. Not sure what is meant by the error and what an interactive template is.

‘You cant send the card backwards when its inside an interactive template’

5 replies

My shapes / stick notes seems to work but I can’t get my “frames” to send back / forth.

As you can see below … the arrow goes over the frames no matter what I try. 

Any pointers anyone ???


this has been happening to me as well - especially with shapes and the pen tool. i have no idea whats happening lol

I think I found a work around (also posted on this thread ~….

group all your lines and images together, then double click and it isolates the group, now you can send the object to front or back.  Note: for some reason Miro doesn’t like groups inside groups, so I had to ungroup a nested group and it worked fine...for now.  But it’s not intuitive so please help fix this bug or give us an option do disable automatic grouping and give us a shortcut to the option when the error message pops up “You cant send the card backwards when its inside an interactive template”

Same issue as those mentioned before, and only started happening this year 2024.  Can we find a work around @support team?

Some sort of bug - super irritating - prevents all sorts of editing. Can Miro fix this please???