Cant logout Google Account from Miro Desktop app

  • 7 October 2021
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I logged in by mistake with another google account instead of my main account, so i logged out from that account but when i press log in to use my main account, it logs in in the wrong account, doesnt give me the option to choose the google account which i wanna log in.


I tried uninstalling the app and clearing the windows registry but when i reinstall the app and press log in with google still auto log me in with the old account

23 replies

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Hi @Sohkka,

Thanks for your message! I am sorry that you’ve run into this.

What you need to do now, is to go to Profile settings > Integrations and log out from your Google Account within your Miro profile. Right after that, you can log out from Miro and sign in with the right Google account on


Thanks for using Miro!

@Nick_Miro - I’m running into the same issue. I followed your steps, but even though I now get the pop up to choose which google account to sign in with, it still only logs-in to one of my accounts. I’m unable to switch between my business account and my education account (one for teaching and one for work). Any updates on this front?

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Hi @Hans Papke,

I’ve replied to you via email and looking forward to hearing from you!

I have followed the step above and it doesn’t work. The app still logs me in to the old google account. What else can be done?

@Nick_Miro ^^

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Hi @David Dieruf 
I am replying you just now, because I was OOO for a couple of weeks. I’ve sent a reply to your email. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Nick, I’m having the same problem please can you help. Adam

Hi, I’m having the same issue reported on this thread.

I go back and forward between my personal account and my work account and right now the desktop app is stuck with the personal one. I logout and also remove the integration and it doesn’t work.

Even after removing the integration, once I login again is back. 

Bumping this. SUPER SUPER ANNOYING,.. I even uninstalled and installed again and it auto-logged into the same gmail account (my personal one), when I want to log into my work account. Please help 😭😭😭😭😭

Same. Tried everything suggested.

Same here. Please help.

Is this ever being fixed?! This is insanity that a product company like Miro has not solved for this. It is infuriating that I cannot logout of the desktop app. Guys, sort this out!

Hi all, 


I’m having the same issue here… 


Hi @Sohkka,

Thanks for your message! I am sorry that you’ve run into this.

What you need to do now, is to go to Profile settings > Integrations and log out from your Google Account within your Miro profile. Right after that, you can log out from Miro and sign in with the right Google account on


Thanks for using Miro!


@Nick_Miro i’ve tried this with no success… 


Do you have another suggestion?




What’s up guys, i got finished this shit of problem perfectly 

So, let me show you how to solve it


most important point is Perfectly Log out all account from ‘Log in google’ so, make your display to like Step1 view

and then follow common process


Step1. remove google account  as @Nick_Miro said


Step2. Log out from account menu on right - top of monitor display


Step3. Go to ‘Sign in with Google’ again


Step4. Acces with your new account


Let’s enjoy this wonderful app without google log in problem



This is insane. How can this possibly be a problem? It’s also a massive security issue as even deleting the app and reinstalling it allows you to login into the old account without any credentials? 


Multiple people including me have this problem and we’ve tried all the solutions here. This is a massive problem and security breach and my CTO says we can no longer use miro.


 @Nick_Miro  please advise on how to solve asap.

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@Vikram hi! I’ll reach out to you via email shortly.

@Nick_Miro I’m having the same issue, even after trying the fix you suggested. 

Struggled with all the same issues as mentioned here. Solved it by

  1. logging out of google integration with email A
  2. then logging in directly through the google integration again with the other account, email B, (I here got the option to choose account, which I don’t get when using the landing page google login),
  3. logging out of the google integration yet again for email B
  4. logging out of miro
  5. quitting miro
  6. re-open miro and login through google. 

I then _finally_ got the option to choose which google account I wanted to log in with.

C’mon Miro, please fix this. The account hassle has been a verified need for at least a couple of years now. 

I have the same issue and the steps described here don’t help. I am consistently logged in with Account A, unabel to switch to Account B.
@Nick_Miro if there actually is a solution, maybe posting it here would save the hassle of everyone who experiences this asking you to send them an email 😉

I’d really appreciate a solution as right now I’m having to use incognito mode on Google to be able to switch between my private and business Miro accounts, which as others have stated before me for months, is way below the product standards Miro usually set.

I also struggled with this, solved after resetting application data. 
In desktop app: Help / Reset application data


A have this same issue, which is a HUGE SECURITY RISK and I dont believe Miro is compliant with SOC2 or any other security standard. I have several accounts ie. personal account with freemail, personal account with gmail, business account with company gmail (google workspace).
And I am logged with personal gmail account in Miro Desktop. Even complete uninstall Miro Desktop app in windows and installing new fresh installation will cause that when I click sign in using Google (G icon in sign up) I am automatically logged in !!!!!!!   I want to have standard sign-in dialog from Google, to CHOOSE WHICH google account I want to use.

Nothing helps. The advices above to go to Team Profile / Profile settings / Integrations / Google row and click Log out...and then Log out from Miro Desktop or/and closing Miro desktop and unstalling/installing again wont help.

This is serious issue to be solved by customer support and fixed in application.

In Windows 11

I solved the problem by clicking on “board” tab Alt>Help>Reset application data…

After that you should be able to log in on the other account