Can we temporarily freeze participants to keep all on the “same page”?

  • 27 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Is there a way to temporarily freeze and disable participants from freely scrolling around the Miro interface while we’re working on a collaborative project? I would love to be able to temporarily freeze access so that I can keep all participants on the “same page” and focused on one board at a time when necessary. Any insight on how this can be done would be very much appreciated.

2 replies

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@Antonio Mendola -

The term “herding cats” does come to mind :grinning:

I’m assuming that you are asking about having users continue to be interacting with the board but just in the areas which you want them to “play” in vs. your having them join a screen share?

If so, the only approach I’ve used is to obscure other areas of the board which I don’t want them accessing by covering them with large colored rectangle shapes and locking those in place. What I find is that if there is nothing interesting to explore in the rest of the board, folks are less likely to “wander off”.

Of course, this is also a function of how interactive/engaging/interesting the workshop is - the more interesting you make it, the less distracted they are likely to get.


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Hi @Antonio Mendola,


as far as i know - but I only have tested it on a test-setting - and not knowing exactly if it works for real - the screensharing mode should give you a solution.

In my test setting the other screen shows exactly my first screen and I was forced to look into my screensharing screen.

Just try and tell what you have found out