Can't resize frame with objects inside

  • 12 October 2023
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A few weeks already I have a problem with resizing frames and some other objects. They just return to the original size. I hadn’t had this problem before I noticed it two or three weeks ago. I work with the materials of the same formats which contain pictures, text, shapes and icons. I don’t use tables (I know that there are some difficulties with resizing, selecting, moving them). 

An example of the frame which I can't resize:


Another problem is that I can’t select all the objects and move them together. That is also a new issue, which I didn’t have before. At first, when I select all the objects, it shows 111 objects were selected. But when I try to move them together, only half of them move and other stay at the same place. They are not locked! When I undo the last action and try to select them again it shows only 33 objects!!! And other objects I can’t even select. These issues slow my work down a lot and I hope somebody can explain me what is happening.

1 reply

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@T_Irene - FYI: There was another post for this issue, which was resolved. You should be able to resize your frames now - note: You may need to clear your cache, and even sign out and back in.

The other post: