Can't move a table to a new area in my board

  • 12 August 2022
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Hi there, 

I have tried googling this issue and can’t seem to find a fix or any notes on what I might be doing wrong, so thought I’d check here first!

I added a table to my MIRO board and filled it with screenshots and text etc, and now I can’t drag it to a new place in the board.

I’m getting the error message “Adding this type of widgets to table is not supported”, which I have no idea what this means! :(

Can anyone help me? I’m a bit new to MIRO so fully expecting this is a ‘me’ problem 😅


7 replies

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Hi @HelenaRose,

Sorry to hear you faced this issue! I'm afraid I couldn't reproduce it based on the description you shared, so most probably, I'm doing something wrong. 

Would you be able and willing to share a quick video showing the steps you're taking? I'd recommend using Loom as it's free and gives you an option to upload the video straight after recording, but any other tool of your choosing will work as well!

Hi Alyona, 

Thanks for reaching out! I used Loom to do a quick recording, excuse the TV in the background! 😆

I wonder if it’s the link or comment on the box that is stopping me from moving it, or something else entirely!

Video here



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@HelenaRose - Thanks for the video - this helps explain what is going on. It appears that you cannot add a Table to a Table. For future reference, as noted in the Tables Help Center article, there are other a few other limitations with Tables:

⚠️ Content within tables can't be lockedaligned, and grouped.

@Alyona - I don’t see this limitation noted in the Tables Help Center article. Are you able to confirm this is expected behaviour?

Oh no! I knew it would be something silly that I hadn’t picked up on, thank you so much! 

I will move the table outside of the other table! 

Thanks again 😊

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Thanks for sending the loom over, @HelenaRose

Robert is correct; the issue indeed is caused by the fact that you're trying to add one table to another. I'll double-check with the team if this is by design, and if so, we'll be sure to specify it in the corresponding HC article. I'll let you know once I have any updates.

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Hey @Robert Johnson,

The team confirmed that tables, as well as USMs and Kansans, can't be added to the tables. We've mentioned this limitation in the Help Center now too:


I also have the same issue as Helena Rose, it is SO frustrating! 


You can copy and paste a table into another table and it will sit where you pasted it, but you can not move it at ALL!