Can't Group Different Types of Objects

  • 9 February 2022
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Before the latest update, I could group any objects on the board with other objects - frames, shapes, text, sticky notes, images. Today, I can only group objects of the same type. Half the time I add something different now, the option to group disappears.

Sometimes I can group different types of objects, but it seems arbitrary - I could group 2 text boxes with multiple shapes, but when I added the third text box, the ability to group disappeared. Sometimes I can’t add a different type of object at all without the ability to group disappearing. If I select multiple types of objects at once with the left click&drag, I don’t get the option no matter what.

Is this broken for anyone else? Is this a bug with the latest update?

17 replies

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Hi @aortlieb

Thank you for reporting the issue! 🛠

We’re sorry you’ve run into it but please have no worries - I’ve converted this post into a support ticket and our team will reach out to you shortly via email. Stay tuned! 🙂


having the same problem here and it‘s really annoying. I cannot group tables and sticky notes.

would be interested for update as well. Thx!

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@Chen Qiu -

Content within a table can’t be grouped (see and the same rule likely applies to content outside the table. 

This wish list topic covers the inability to group content within a table, so feel free to upvote it and add a comment with the additional requirement of being able to group tables with other objects:


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@Kiron Bondale Additional wish, not “requirement” 😉

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I’m also encountering this mysterious issue. However I’ve got a simple #workaround. Simply select all the objects you want to group, then:

  • Ctrl-C
  • Delete
  • Ctrl-V
  • Ctrl-G

I hope the issue will be fixed so that in future all we need is select all the objects you want to group, then:

  • Ctrl-G

… But for now the extra 3 steps is a perfectly manageable extra step.

I’m having the same mysterious issue, and it’s a step deeper:

Using the #workaround Stone Street mentioned, I can group objects (and align them, etc.).

However, once I do any manipulation with the group of objects (align, resize, etc.), the problem returns.  So, to align vertically requires one #workaround.  Then to align horizontally I need to redo the #workaround to get the grouping function back.


Once is manageable, but it’s quite irritating after repeating it thrice.


this behaviour is still happening, any update on this topic? 


Thank you!


I am not able to group images and frames recently? Is this a new bug? 

Please help. 

Thank you.

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I am not able to group images and frames recently? Is this a new bug? 

Please help. 

Thank you.

@Marie Al-Bayati - There are a number of limitations when it comes to grouping - read more here:

With that in mind, can you provide more details of the exact scenarios that are not working for you? A screen recording could be helpful - Loom is free and easy to share a video.

Hi @Robert Johnson ,

thank you for taking care of this issue.

I have the same problem as you can see in the screenshots below:

When trying to group two post-its (screenshot 1) I am displayed the option to group.

When trying to group some text, lines and suqares (screenshot 2) I am not provided with the option to group and the shortcut ´Command G´ also doesn't show any effect.

Please help!



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@Viktoria Kogan - We need more context on what the objects are and where they are on the board. For example:


I would try a process of elimination to determine the condition that is causing the issue:

  1. Move the objects to a blank spot on the board and try again.
  2. Start removing objects one-by-one to see which object(s)/types were causing the issue.

And, as a reminder, note that some objects cannot be grouped when they are in certain object types:

Thanks @Robert Johnson . Moving the objects outside the frame was the solution.

(the objects were not grouped und there was also no table, just a frame)


Its a strange bug though, that objects can't be grouped within a frame, haha.

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@Viktoria Kogan - Object can be grouped within a frame, however, some cannot. For example, when I select a shape, text, sticky, and connection line, the Group option is there, but when I include a wireframe object, the Group option disappears:


When reviewing your selected objects, it looks like there is only ten, but the filter shows eleven:


So, can you share a screenshot of what objects you have selected?


I’m encountering the same issue.
Grouping and moving seem to be erratic as soon as frames are involved. 

Apparently still an issue. The copy → delete → paste → group works for me but seems like a very silly workaround

a specific set of conditions for a simple use case.


I am using the mind mapping tool, I have added cards to the mindmap so I can have detailed text but show it minimized and then 'drill down”into this when I need more detail.

I can group a card, a connector and a bulleted text box no problem, but if I try and group to a mindmap object it does not allow it.

this is annoying because I would like to connect the card to the section of the mindmap and if the mindmap gets rearranged at least it is grouped with the mindmap bubble. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can do this maybe without doing it as a card. What I need is minimized place to store context specific detailed notes that is clickable to expand - not visible on the canvas all the time. Or be able to group a card with a mindmap bubble

I don’t understand what is the rationale behind not allowing to group objects on a table/frame/etc… We always work on frames or tables and place stickies onto those assets in Miro anyways. This is how it works for teams. Why are you blocking people’s workflow? Do I have to move stickies out of the frame to be able to group them and move them back again every time ? Why are you causing this loss of time? 
Please do some workflow/journey map studies and get an understanding around how people use your tool, you have UXRs in your team. There is no explanation of this blocker.