Can Miro be used as a presentation tool in a youtube video?

  • 7 October 2022
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I am not a native English speaker, so a little help would be nice. I read the ToS, and here is the quote: “...Customer may access and use the Service only for its internal business or personal purpose...” what does that mean exactly? Can I use the software for presenting my ideas, journalistic work, design philosophy in a youtube video, essentially being a presentation tool?

I am not sure if this would be qualified as a personal purpose or internal business.
In this regard, is there any difference between the free version and a paid one? A lot of software/service does not allow generating revenue by using a free version and/while streaming it.

1 reply

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@Csicskalángos As far as I know, it’s perfectly fine to use Miro as a presentation tool in Youtube videos, for example.