Can I lock a Planner Board

  • 12 February 2024
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We are using “Jira Cards” and “Planner” in our project.

Is there any feature (or workaround) to lock a “Planner”-Board on our Miro?

Sometimes we’d like to avoid that a simple manipulation on the board (e.g. by mistake mark all items/cards and drag/drop them into another field in the Planner) forces a high number of Jira-actions which then will need a lot of time to correct afterwards.

Is there such a feature in the Planner-App?

Or any othe idea how to prevent, e.g. by overlay a transparent box and lock that (although I have not been successfull with that idea..)?


Thanks for your help and ideas, Christian 

5 replies

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Hi @Christian Koster other than putting a frame over the top and then hiding the contents, there’s no current way of preventing people from not moving tickets on the Planner Board. Perhaps a bit of user education is what is needed here?

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@Christian Koster - One workaround I found is to put a transparent PNG overtop and lock the PNG.

I have attached a PNG (but be careful – it’s invisible!). Actually, adding a coloured border to the PNG would help add some visibility. 

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@Robert Johnson - Thanks for your input.
Unfortunately I am not able to open or see that transparent PNG you added to your message.

By clicking on your image/attachment provided, I get a message overlay saying “The image could not be loaded”. Also if I copy the URL to it and trying to open that URL in a browser I get “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Any idea why this does not work, at least not for me?
Or - are you able to share that transparent PNG with me again or through an alternative way of sharing?

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@Christian Koster - Yeah, I see that something went wrong with the attachment, so I deleted it.

When the usual route fails, Miro FTW!

I added the image to this board, so you should be able to download it (or just duplicate the entire board).

The image is a landscape ratio, so if you need something taller, you could duplicate (Ctrl/Cmd-D) and group as many PNGs as needed. I also grouped some text to the PNG, to act as a watermark of sorts, and added a border to the image.

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Thanks for sharing this question @Christian Koster! We’ve made some updates to Jira. To learn more about this feature and all other Miro product updates, join us on March 13 or 14, for our What’s New Product Webinar. You’ll hear directly from our Product Marketing team about how you can use these features to just make work, flow! Hope to see you there 😊