Bugs / Unusual UI since UI update

  • 6 January 2022
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Some feedback!

Although it’s still a bit tricky to change to the new mouse controls I do believe they are a good choice. Thank you for that.

Though I’ve noticed that a few things have changed:

  1. Zoomed out selection seems to suddenly be less accurate. When I’m clearly clicking on something below I’m finding something above being selected. Although I can compensate for this, it does seem that something has changed / is off in the accuracy of selection. This is solved by zooming in closer, though the level of zoom required is waaaay different then previously. I’m talking something taking up 5% of the height of the screen and I can’t select it easily.
  2. Double-clicking on a grouped set of objects to edit something within the group never used to permanently ungroup the group of objects. Now when I double click to edit the group becomes ungrouped and that’s a new behaviour. It doesn’t work for me as I only want to edit within the group not ungroup. I use the grouping to create a template which I then add things on top, suddenly there’s no differentiation between the canvas / template I’ve created and the content I’ve put on top.


p.s. using chrome / brave / and windows 10

1 reply

Actually on point 2 - it only happens when I delete something from the grouped objects.