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  • 28 November 2022
  • 2 replies

Hi all,


I recently stumbled onto the following “strange” behaviour.


  1. Create an new connector/arrow;
  2. Start text mode to add text/label to it;
  3. Input some text and then go back to the beginning and put “[] ” - trailing space is important!
  4. Observe that white space is added to the same place where the brackets used to be. It almost looks as a macro of some sort, but it is not behaving like one. Also a strange dot appears at the top. And also the new whitespace is unbreakable.

Thank you! :)

2 replies

Hi Georgi,

Thank you for reporting this behaviour!

I’m afraid, I wasn’t able to reproduce this and thus I converted this topic to a Support ticket to collect more details of this issue and investigate this further.

Hi Yulia,
Thanks for acting on this. 😀