Bold format lost on copy-paste

  • 11 June 2024
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I can’t find the issue, but I’m new here, so forgive if answered before. On a board when I copy paste these two sentences below, the bold format is lost. 


Description: A Record is received into a system location and immediately on receipt, the system location sends a notification to a queue

Inputs: A Record is received from an external organisation into the system location


If we have Description and Inputs as a part of a template we want to retain the bold format. Not sure whether to ask Community or Developers, but asking Community for any help. Thanks.

2 replies

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Hi @Martin Burton 

Perhaps I don’t exactly understand what you’ve done?  When I have a mixture of styles in a text box, I can cut-and-paste that text and the styles will be recreated correctly in a new text box. I’ve never gotten color to be recreated, but bold certainly is.

Are you talking about something different than a text box?

Cheers, Ken

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Hi @Martin Burton 


Sorry to hear you’re having some issues. As Kenneth notes above, I was also able to just cut & paste your sentences with both the bold and plain formats into a board a few time. I have selected the Text tool when doing this.


Is this a browser issue perhaps?