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  • 1 February 2023
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Hi, a user had private boards which aren’t available anymore. This is how it happened. A user had a Full license that expired, he requested a new license and when he received it and logged in, his boards disappeared. When we tried to search by its name or owner he didn’t get any results. He also found the email for the created boards, and when he clicks on the link it opens the page to request access - with his email, but by requesting it goes into the loop, and never received an email to approve the request. Email he was using before license expired is the same email he’s using now. How can we get access to his old boards?


2 replies

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@Ana Hercigonja -

One extreme workaround is to have a Team/Company Admin delete the user which would then transfer the board ownership to someone else. Then, add the user back and transfer ownership back to them. This would be suitable if the user had only a few boards...


HI Kiron, thanks for your reply. This worked!