Boards are very laggy and slow on desktop app and web app

  • 22 February 2023
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Hi, I noticed during the last one week all my boards are very laggy and slow. It takes up to 5-6 seconds for the board to respond to an interaction. This is incredibly annoying and looking at the history of this issue - it appears it is quite a common problem. Please would you look into this and resolving it once and for all?

6 replies

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Hey @Silviya Lardner ,

Sorry to hear the performance of your boards isn’t up to par. 5-6 seconds for any interaction sounds awful. Is this a developer platform issue? Or just a issue?

Could you test if this problem persist when:

  1. You restart your machine
  2. Open just a web browser and start a new miro board ( 
  3. Add 1 item to that board

This way, we can determine more precisely where the problem lies.

Also: what browser/OS are you using?

Kind regards,

Mettin Parzinski

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As a long time user of RealTimeBoard and Miro, I consider myself a Power User, I also have found the performance of late to be suffering. Specifically the Desktop App is always disconnecting and is suffers from speed lag.

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Hey @Brandon Lee!

Thanks for the input. We have performance on our radar and it is something we have multiple teams working on at the moment. Miro is a huge, complicated app so its not a flick of a switch unfortunately!

Sorry that I can’t be of more help at the moment. Just know we know and are working on it!



I only can confirm the decrease of performance in miro over the last months. I have to reload several time after a while to get back a little bit better performance.

I depends on how much images are in a board as well as on the internet connection.

I hope this can be improved soon because it really has impact on my work performance.


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Hey @YOO ,

While it makes sense that ANY internet-dependant application becomes slower when your internet connection is slower, it doesnt make it any less annoying!

Miro is quite smart with (not) loading data that’s outside of the viewport. So you could use that to your advantage by having some more space in between your images, if your use-case allows for it. Less items in view = less items downloaded = more speed =)




I am getting pretty disappointed now with the slow and laggy response with my Miro boards. This is particularly frustrating when leading a meeting - everyone has to wait while I refresh the board just so we can get a sticky note loaded.

What has happened Miro? This issue has only just started happening recently and I have been using Miro since the start. I am serious considering transferring to a competitor platform if this does not get resolved soon. Specifically our issue is: frequently when selecting any item from the LHS screen toolbar (stickies, text, shapes etc) they don't appear on the board. We have to refresh the browser for it to work.

Please get this resolved. Thanks.