Board deleted when renamed

  • 5 July 2022
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I renamed a board and it disappeared, being replaced by a new blank board with the renamed name.

I was only able to restore the deleted board (which the Miro interface admitted was deleted, because it offered to restore it!!!) once I went in to my browser history and found the link of the deleted board.

What is going on? I almost had a heart attack because my whole board disappeared!

Please check and correct this bug! Contact me Miro for more details if needed.


1 reply

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@Chris Batt - Before assuming it is a bug, please details the exact steps you took to rename the board, e.g., did you use the “Rename” functionality from your Miro dashboard via right-clicking on the board or using the ellipsis menu → Rename or Board detailsor did  you have the board open and renamed from the Board details window by clicking on the board name? And if the latter, did you type in the new board name and press <Enter> or maybe clicked a button?

Some other details that may help:

  • If using a browser, which one and which version?
  • Your OS
    • If a mobile platform, how were you accessing Miro?
  • Or were you using the Miro desktop app?