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  • 30 July 2020
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Hi Everyone,

The steps to change your profile picture are simple enough, however, the following message is permanently displayed in my Profile Settings…



As I am the Company Admin licence holder, would I not be the account administrator, and therefore be able to change my picture?? I’m otherwise stumped as to who to contact. 


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3 replies

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I’ve just found the article that tells me why this is the case…

So I’m guessing I talk to my IT department? 

Since this is the first topic that comes up when searching for locked profile pictures on the forum, here is the gist of my discussions with Miro support:

It is not possible to change Miro profile pictures when using SSO with Microsoft Azure AD. All accounts converted to SSO are ‘locked in’ with their profile pictures from the time SSO was activated, and new users won’t have profile pictures at all.

Miro seems to be putting the blame for this on Microsoft, claiming that it is somehow Microsoft’s fault that profile pictures don’t properly get passed along.

Fact is, Github, Atlassian, Notion, basically any other SaaS platform allows us to change profile pictures AND use Azure AD SSO, without whining and putting the blame on others. 

Being able to see your colleague’s floating pictures in collaborative sessions is an essential feature of any whiteboarding application, but there seems to be zero interest from Miro to change this issue in the future, so, given their attitude and the fact that with MURAL and Whimsical, there are some viable alternatives out there, I am tempted to move our company over to a different platform.

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Agree, this is a good example of something that sounds good in principle, but not in practice.

  1. Having a profile picture sync via SSO is a fine feature, and
  2. Having the ability to update/change this if/when SSO fails to do is essential for team members, practically