Best way to allow multiple people to easily participate, and Can't get a single consultant plan!

  • 26 April 2020
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I’m running a workshop on Wednesday.

I’d like to use Miro for participants to put virtual post-its on a board. I don’t want them to have to create an account - I want the experience for them to be as easy as possible for them. (As it is with Jamboard, the other option I might use).

Can I do this with the free account?

If not, can I use the consultant account? 

Which brings me to problem number 2 - I’ve tried signing up for a consultant account, but it only gives the option for 2 consultants or more, and there’s just one of me!


Thanks in advance for your help...


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Hey Roy,

  1. Yes, as long as you have a paid account, you can add Guest Editors to the board. Guest Editors do not have to sign up for Miro. If you have a free account, you can only add other free accounts to the board.
  2. This happened to me previously too. Is there another somebody ie a team member in your free account? Or have you added a team member to a board? Miro sees that as a Team hence why you can't sign up as a Consultant.

I hope those insights help!