Being charged for Miro but I don't have a paid account

  • 26 April 2024
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I am being charged each month for Miro but I don’t have an active paid account - because I don’t have a paid account I can’t contact Miro support…. 


What am I supposed to do here Miro people???? 


I have already contacted my bank to dispute the charges, but they are saying I need to cancel the card - I am not willing to do this as I have multiple accounts setup on this card and the admin to update them all is not worth it. 


I had a paid account in the past and I used the same credit card to make the payment for Miro, so I suspect that there is some kind of error in the background that means I am being charged for my account but that on the front-end it says I am on a free account. 


To be clear - I don’t want or need a paid account right now, so I don’t want to reactivate the account - I just want to stop being charged for the subscription (and refunded the last few months of transactions that I have been charged in error). 

1 reply

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Hi @zekeAustralia, thank you for bringing this to our attention — we're ready to help! Please fill out this form and our team will follow up as soon as possible: